Be in the Flow – Follow Your Path!


Career Coaching

“I am pleased to recommend Edith as a wonderful career coach. I had been searching for a new job for a long time and needed a confidence boost. She was able to quickly identify my blocks and create sharp, focused action steps that helped me overcome my weaknesses. I landed a new job within weeks of our meeting and believe a large part of my success was based on her positive feedback.”                                                                                 .

Vince P, Director of Human Resources, Chicago


Coaching and Speaking

“Edith is a creative soul who lights the world on fire with her energy and vitality. I recommend Edith’s speaking and coaching services to anyone who wants to come alive to their fullest potential and dreams.”             .

Wendy B, Chicago


Life Coaching

“Although being skeptical of what progress would be made, if any, with this thing they call “life coaching”, I must say all skepticism has been put to rest. The very issues that used to plague me my whole life have been isolated and nurtured through our vigorous process of getting to the core of each issue. This has been done with no painstaking process of any kind. Your ability to listen and understand what the person is saying is invaluable. Then to be able to clearly take control of the issues and put the emphasis on the person, with your knowledgeable life coaching tools, has given me the true understanding of what it is I’ve never been able to connect the dots on….. I thank you deeply for the sessions we’ve had and continue to have. …”

Jesse C, President of a Heating and Air Conditioning Company, Chicago


“Edith is an amazingly insightful coach, she is electric and drives to get results.”

Terry K, Michigan


Call 847.913.3900 or email to set up a complimentary coaching consultation.

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