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Appreciating Nature’s Beauty

Subject: How does Spring help us live life more fully?

Appreciate Beauty
Spring lets us see renewal. Plants take their stored reserves from the roots and bring them to light and life! Buds swell up and burst into bloom. The weather is nicer and people come out of their homes.

Nature presents us with an opportunity for APPRECIATING BEAUTY.

tulips blooming

tulips blooming

Story: Nature’s miniatures
I once, at an art fair, saw framed miniatures of tree leaves, all less than an inch long. I was surprised at the beauty of these leaves. Here is the story behind the art.

Every spring this artist watches carefully when each of the trees are starting to open their leaf buds. When the leaves first open, they are tiny but grow rapidly every day. So the window of opportunity to view and collect these tiny specimens is rather short.

The next spring I walked up close to some of the trees in my yard. The miniature leaves are delicate and, in my mind, extraordinarily beautiful.

new maple leaf with penny

Call to Action and Why This Matters
As spring arrives in your yard or neighborhood, step very close and appreciate nature’s beauty. Appreciation and gratitude warms your heart and gives a momentary feeling of peacefulness. Cherish that feeling. Give yourself that gift, a momentary reprieve from life’s challenges. Then, when life gets in the way of your peacefulness, take a deep breath and recall that moment of peace.

Have a peaceful day.

Taking it Farther
If you want to see nature’s beauty through the lens of a camera, take a close look at some of the beautiful nature photography in National Geographic. Or see if you can find a nature photography club near you. In the Chicago area we have the Chicago Area Camera Club Association with many photography clubs and wonderful photographers and educational programs to learn to capture nature’s magic.

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